Field Tested Surplus Gear

New Potable Water Bladder!


Petromax Lantern Kits from the Swiss Military! These kits have Two Petromax Lanterns with Shades, Tools, Spare Mantles, Spare Valves, Spare Lens, Two Collapsible Candle Lanterns with MICA Lenses, Candles, Matches, Instructions (in German & French) ann in a Really Cool Transport Box! Waht is a Petromax?!? It's what a Coleman Lantern wants to be when it grows up! Petromax Lanterns are Tougher, Brighter and burn a variety of fuels such as Diesel, Kerosene, Gasoline, Parafin, Coleman Fuel... even Mixed Fuels!!! If it burns, chances are pretty good that you can run it in a Petromax!


Sleeping Bags with Waterproof outer shell... Like New!! $35!! Ultra Fleece Sleeping Bag Liners... Never Been Used... $25!! Wanna' get lost?? Various Camo Nets in various sizes & patterns!!! In WWII the US issued a Jeep Coat for those guys unfortunate enough to get stuck in a Jeep with No Heater! In the 1950's, the Danish Army Cloned 'em for NATO Forces! We GOT Some!! Wool Lined, Snap Out Secondary Synthetic Liner, Large Wool-Lined Collar, Leggings, Button-Up Rear Slit... Basically a Military OD Canvas Duster!! Only $45!

Swiss Steel Helmets... Like WWII German!

Swiss Bayonet With Scabbard and Belt Frog!